vegan dairy free plant based blueberry blueberries granola crumble

lemon blueberry granola crumble

blueberry lemon granola crumble. seasonal blueberries feel super fresh in this yummy & easy to make dessert. our granola adds a little crunch and a warm vanilla cinnamon flavor. top with a little dairy-free ice cream for an extra special treat.

+preheat oven to 350 degrees
+add 18oz of washed & dried blueberries to a bowl
+add 1/3 cup brown sugar & 1/4 cup flour
+zest & juice half a lemon, add to bowl
+mix well, set aside
+in a separate bowl, pour in two cups classic granola
+add in 4 tablespoons melted plant-based butter
+mix well
+grease a baking pan
+add blueberry mix, topped with granola mix
+bake 20 minutes, until bubbly & golden

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